Wages in the factory at night, cricket during the day… walked for miles to save 10 rupees, then Karthikeya’s dream came true

New Delhi. IPL has always proved to be a platform to enhance the talent of the players. Many star players in Indian cricket have reached this stage only by climbing the stairs of IPL. Even in the 15th season of IPL, many such players have shined, which few people knew before. It includes players like Ayush Badoni, Tilak Verma, Jitesh Sharma, a spinner from Mumbai Indians is also in this list. After half the season, it was joined by the Mumbai team and in the debut match itself, this spinner caught everyone’s attention with his economical bowling. The name of this bowler is Karthikeya Singh. As brilliant as Kartikeya’s IPL debut was, his journey to become a cricketer was full of struggles.

Left-arm spinner Kartikeya Singh made his IPL debut against Rajasthan Royals last week. In his very first match, this bowler impressed the veterans with his wrist spin, googly, finger spin and carrom ball. But, you might not know that Kartikeya was only a finger spinner till 6 months ago. His coach Sanjay Bhardwaj told ESPNcricinfo that within just six months, Karthikeya adapted himself as a wrist-spinner with a finger to succeed in T20Is.

Kartikeya came to Delhi at the age of 15

Every boy who dreams of becoming a cricketer after coming out of a small town and poverty has struggles, troubles in his life, then Karthikeya’s life was no different. He started playing cricket in Kanpur. Father was a constable in UP Police, so he did not earn enough to bear the costly expenses of cricket coaching. Still, he did not hold back from fulfilling Kartikeya’s dream. But after not getting a chance in Uttar Pradesh, 9 years ago today at the age of 15, Kartikeya caught a train from Kanpur to Delhi. At that time, the soldier in the PAC promised his father that he would fulfill his dream of becoming a cricketer on his own.

Amit Mishra and Gambhir’s coach gave a chance

In Delhi, Kartikeya knew only one friend Radheshyam, who used to play cricket. He took Kartikeya to many clubs. So that he gets a chance to play in the league of DDCA. But every club asked him for a hefty fee. After this, Kartikeya reached to Sanjay Bharadwaj and told everything clearly about his financial condition, then he gave Kartikeya a chance to bowl a ball in the net. After just one ball, Sanjay decided to coach him. Bhardwaj remembers this even today. He said, “Karthikeya’s bowling action was very simple and he used the fingers very well, I liked his quality.”

Walked many miles to save 10 bucks

Now arrangements were made for the coaching of Kartikeya, but he had to see the food and stay himself. In such a situation, Kartikeya started working in a factory in Mussoorie village, adjacent to Ghaziabad, 80 km from the academy. There was also a room to stay. Worked overnight and then reached the academy early in the morning for coaching. Walking many miles just to save 10 rupees and buy a packet of biscuits from him. When coach Bhardwaj came to know about the whole story, he made arrangements for Kartikeya’s stay along with the cook of the academy.

Didn’t eat food in a year

Coach Sanjay Bharadwaj still remembers the first day of Kartikeya’s stay in the academy. Recalling that day, he told Cricinfo, ‘When the cook gave him lunch, he cried. Because he had not eaten food for the past 1 year. After this the coach enrolled Karthikeya in a local school and the real story of his becoming a cricketer started. He did well in age group cricket but was not selected among 200 probables in the DDCA trials. After this Sanjay sent Kartikeya to Madhya Pradesh.

Did not see the face of the house for cricket for 9 years, did not even listen to the parents, now IPL Made a great debut in

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Debut for Madhya Pradesh 4 years ago

Bhardwaj said, ‘I spoke to my friend and Shahdol Cricket Association secretary Ajay Dwivedi, seeing Kartikeya’s ability. He played division cricket from there for 2 years and took 50-50 wickets every year. After this, Karthikeya got a chance to play Ranji Trophy without representing Madhya Pradesh in any age group cricket. In the year 2018, he made his debut in the Ranji Trophy and the struggle of the last 9 years got a new place through IPL.

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