Waqar Yunus did not agree with Sourav Ganguly’s statement on India-Pakistan matches, gave a befitting reply

New Delhi. Pakistan’s veteran bowler Waqar Younis has reacted sharply to the statement of former Indian team captain Sourav Ganguly regarding the recent matches between traditional rivals India and Pakistan. There is no doubt that in most of the limited overs matches between India and Pakistan in recent years, Team India has had the upper hand. Sourav’s statement was focused on this point but Waqar has expressed a different opinion. He has said that the level of India vs Pakistan matches is so high that the comment of any one person does not matter much.

In a video posted by Pak TV, Waqar said on this issue, ‘I do not want to comment on this. In my opinion, we (India-Pakistan) have had good matches. The match that Pakistan won was one-sided (T20 World Cup-2021 match), and the match we lost (T20 World Cup-2022) was very tough. Happened. You can say whatever you want but India-Pakistan matches are the ‘biggest’ in the world. When the level of the game is so high, nobody’s comment matters.’

Sourav said – India was better than Pakistan in most of the recent matches
Significantly, Sourav Ganguly had said that India and Pakistan have not lived up to their hype and fierce rivalry in recent years. According to Sourav, former captain of Team India, India has proved to be better than Pakistan in most of the recent matches and this has happened continuously. They feel that India vs Australia matches are more interesting in the World Cup as they are better in terms of quality of play.

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Sourav had said, ‘There is a lot of publicity about the India vs Pakistan match but its quality has not been good for a long time because India has been winning unilaterally. Pakistan has probably defeated India for the first time in the T20 World Cup in Dubai. In a discussion with Star Sports, he also said that India did not play well in the T20 World Cup 2021 but in my opinion India vs Australia matches have been better in the World Cup because their quality is better. Till now could not defeat India. In the World Cup (ICC World Cup), both the teams have come face to face 7 times so far and every time Team India has won.

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