Watch Video: Batter reached the field to bat without a pad, ran like a dholak as soon as he remembered

New Delhi. Cricket is said to be a game of uncertainties. No one can say at what moment which event will happen. There was a time when the whole world used to tremble in front of Caribbean fast bowlers. The situation was that the batsmen used to tremble in front of the Caribbean bowlers to bat. But gradually the fear of the players has ended with the increase of safety equipment in this game, and the players are no longer hesitant to hit big shots even on the fast balls. At present, equipment like pads, helmets, gloves are the protective gear of a player. But imagine what would happen if a batsman went out to bat without these equipments?

Recently one such strange video has been seen on social media. Actually a village cricket match was being played in England. During this, after the batting team’s batter is out, a new player comes to the field to bat. But in the meantime, he accidentally walks into the field without a pad. When the batsman starts taking a stance between the wickets, he comes to know by the players of the opposition team that he is not even wearing a pad. Then does that player have to run back to the dressing room?

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In this video going viral on social media, it can be seen how the person is running fast towards the dressing room after discovering his mistake. Meanwhile, due to the increased weight, he is not able to run fast. At the same time, other players and umpires present in the field are seen laughing seeing this sight.

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