Watch video hardik pandya again marriage with natasa stankovic celebration with champagne in udaipur


Hardik Pandya married for the second time with Natasha
Hardik Pandya made Valentine’s Day memorable
Indian all-rounder opens champagne bottle

New Delhi. Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic married on February 14 in Udaipur on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This is the second marriage of this popular couple. In the year 2020, this couple, who had a court marriage, remarried according to Christian customs. At this time a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which Hardik Pandya is seen celebrating by opening a bottle of champagne. During this, wife Natasha Stankovic is also seen actively participating in this celebration with her husband.

Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic did not get married with pomp in the year 2020 due to the lockdown. Natasha was about to become a mother before marriage. Then two months after marriage, Natasha Stankovic gave birth to son Agastya. Then due to the Kovid-19 epidemic in the country, there was a lockdown all around. On Twitter of social media, a user named Rohan Gangta has posted a video of Hardik Pandya blowing a champagne bottle. In the video, Hardik is opening a bottle of champagne and blowing it in the air while a Hindi song is playing in the background. Natasha is also seen clapping behind Hardik. This video is being told after marriage.

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