Watch Video, Yuvraj Singh was thrown out of the house by his mother shabnam singh


Sixer King made a big mistake
Mother taught a lesson to Yuvraj

New Delhi. Team India’s opener Shikhar Dhawan is famous for making reels in a strange way. Former explosive batsman Yuvraj Singh is also very active on social media. Yuvi has posted some such videos, which people are enjoying a lot. Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam and brother Zoravar are also in the video.

In the video posted on Instagram, Shabnam is seen pushing Yuvraj and Zoravar out of the house. Yuvi tells the fans through text that the mother had sent them to buy vegetables and they brought mint instead of coriander. That’s why they were thrown out of the house. In the video, Yuvraj has given the caption, ‘Tell me, have we done something wrong?’ People are giving funny reactions on the reel.

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