What happens to the challan by jumping the yellow light? Know all the rules of yellow light

Traffic rules are known to almost all the citizens. Some of these rules are related to traffic signals, which are taught and explained to us from childhood. If someone asks you about traffic signal, you can directly answer without losing a second that traffic signal consists of red, yellow and green lights, which means stop, look and go respectively. But the biggest problem here is that most of the people are still confused about the yellow light. What should you do if you are too close to a traffic signal? There are many methods like reducing the speed, stopping or crossing the signal immediately, etc., which people adopt as per their convenience, but at the same time they are afraid that they might get challaned by mistake. In such a situation, we have covered all those points here for you, which are going to solve all your dilemmas regarding the yellow light of the traffic signal.

What to do when the light is yellow?

The first and foremost question is that if the light turns yellow, then which aspect should you pay attention to first. You have to stop your vehicle as soon as the light turns yellow. Now you will say that you also knew this, but it is important to keep some things in mind here. As such, the purpose of the yellow light is to warn the vehicle owners coming from the front on the road that the light is about to turn red and they should start preparing to stop their vehicle. However, the thing to keep in mind is that they should be at a distance from the signal to stop the vehicle, so that they can stop their vehicle by slowing down gradually. If the distance from the signal is less, then there comes the point of no return. What is this now? Let’s know.

point of no return

A general rule states that if you have reached the “point of no return”, meaning you are 100 feet or less from the signal, you do not have to stop past the junction. Instead you have to cross the signal in a safe manner while maintaining your legal speed limit and watching the traffic in all directions.

Overall, you should always drive keeping in mind the speed limit of the road you are on and if there is a yellow light, you should try to stop your car slowly. If you reach the point of no return, you should cross the signal keeping in mind the safety. If you cross the signal from the point of no return, your move should not happen.

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