What is Boxing Day? Why is the Test match played on this day every year? Does it have anything to do with boxing?

new Delhi: Today is 26 December, which is also known as Boxing-Day. Two test matches started on this day. The first match started in the early hours between Australia and South Africa, while the second Test match is being played between the host country and New Zealand on Pakistan’s soil. Both these test matches are called Boxing Day Test. In such a situation, it is bound to arise the question that what is the last boxing day? Why is Boxing Day celebrated? Does it have anything to do with boxing?

What is the relation with boxing?

Let us make it clear to you here that boxing in the name has nothing to do with the game of boxing. People of Christianity celebrate the day after Christmas as Boxing Day. This has been happening for centuries. People who believe in Christianity consider this day holy.

What is Boxing Day?

There are different beliefs about Boxing Day everywhere. There is a tradition of giving gifts to children and elders on Christmas day. According to a belief, Santa Claus gives gifts to children from his box. All gifts are not opened on the same day but are opened on the next day i.e. 26th December. The day of unboxing (opening) the box has been named as Boxing-Day. According to another theory, some people do not get a holiday on Christmas. In such a situation, they are given a gift and discharged the next day. Due to which it has been named as Boxing-Day.

When was the first Boxing-Day Test played?

The first Boxing-Day Test was played in the year 1950. The teams of Australia and England faced each other. Australia won in this match. After this, in the coming years, teams like South Africa, New Zealand also started the Test match from Boxing-Day. Since 1980, Boxing-Day Test is being played regularly.

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