What is the difference between switch hit and reverse sweep? Know how and how much practice is done in nets

New Delhi. IPL 2022 has seen many batsmen play different shots to score more runs against the bowlers. In the current season, Jos Buttler and David Warner are the only batsmen who have scored dozens of runs through switch hits and reverse sweep shorts. Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler has scored the highest 625 runs in the Indian Premier League 2022. On the other hand, Delhi Capitals batsman David Warner has also scored 427 runs in this season so far. Today in this article we will tell you the difference between switch hit and reverse sweep. When should this shot be played and when should not be played. Former India cricketer and current Zimbabwe head coach Lalchand Rajput has explained in detail about the switch hit and reverse sweep.

Talking in Facebook Live of News18, Lalchand Rajput discussed in detail about reverse sweep and switch hit shot. Being a coach, he also told when to play switch hit and reverse sweep and when not to play. During this, he also told that how much practice should be done for these two shots in the net. During the conversation, the current coach of Zimbabwe said that both the switch hit or the reverse sweep are important shots. It takes a lot of practice to play these shots. According to him, you can also apply reverse sweep on a good length ball.

When is reverse sweep played?
During the conversation Lalchand Rajput said that reverse sweep is played at that time when a bowler is putting good spin. The fielding leg should be on the side. If a right hander is a batsman then he can hit in the off side. Because there is only one fielder in that area. Your stance or grip does not change while playing reverse sweep. Hit the reverse sweep in the same stance.

Switch hit changes grip
On the other hand, talking about the switch hit, Lalchand Rajput said, “When we hit this stroke, there is a change in the grip. That’s why it is called switch hit. You can also hit a six through the switch hit. But to play this shot, you have to pick the ball quickly. Get into position early. We recommend in the nets that at least 50-50 strokes should be played.”

When to play Switch Hitch
According to Lalchand Rajput, “It is a risky shot. When to kill it when the risk is low. When we are winning matches, there is no need to apply such strokes. But when the run rate is high, the fielders are fielding well, the bowler is bowling well, then we should try the switch hit. This stroke is applied by switching the side in which the fielders are less. Because the batsman has to take the run rate up. When should you play this shot when you are settled? What is the bowler doing? How much is the bounce on the pitch? Then you can hit the switch. It is difficult to play this shot on the first ball as soon as it goes. That’s why we say get a little set first. Watch the pitch and then try this shot.”

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Difference between reverse sweep and switch hit
The former cricketer further said, “We do not change the grip in reverse sweep. Whereas in the switch hit, we change the grip. This is the basic difference between the two. To play Switch Hit you have to switch quickly. If I am a right handed batsman then I will take the position of left handed batsman. In such a situation, the position of the feet also changes. That’s why it’s called a switch hit because you have to switch quickly.”

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