‘What is the use of speed if the eyes of the batters are not closed..’? Umran should not care, why did the veteran say so?


Indian veteran has given important advice to Umran Malik
Umran has played 8 ODIs and as many T20s for India

New Delhi. Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma has given great advice to young pacer Umran Malik. Ishant said that Umran should bowl at full speed thinking about the bagger run. He said that unless the eyes of the batsmen are closed, then what is the use of speed. Ishant said that if Umran can bowl at a speed of 150-160 kmph, then he should keep doing so. He will also learn to bowl with line length with experience.

Ishant Sharma said on Cricbuzz’s Rise of New India show, “He (Umran) should not worry about where he is bowling. When he plays, he will get experience and will also throw the ball from the right line length. Right now the most important thing for Umran is that he bowls at a fast pace. If he can bowl at 150-160 kmph, he should do so. His job is not to save runs, but to take wickets.

Batsmen should be in awe of Umran: Ishant
Ishant Sharma wants the batsmen to be in awe of Umran Malik. He further said, “What is the use of speed unless the eyes of the batsmen are closed? Someone should give him confidence in such a way that the eyes of the batsman have to be closed at least twice. It simply means that one has to bowl at such a speed that the batter does not see the ball.

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At the same time, Dinesh Karthik also praised Umran Malik on this show. Karthik told Umran the discovery of IPL. He said, “One thing I like about Umran is that he has worked hard to get his line length right. Because when you bowl at such a fast pace then it becomes difficult to maintain the line length. He said that Umran is bowling more middle overs. The more he bowls in the powerplay and death overs, the more likely he is to be selected in the World Cup squad.”

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