What kind of restlessness is this among the fans about Rohit Sharma? The missing captain created a lot of ruckus, a big explanation has to be given!

New Delhi. Where is Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma at this time? Is he ill somewhere? Various questions regarding his health are going on in the minds of the fans at this time. What happened suddenly a day before the start of IPL 2023, that fans started asking on social media where is Rohit Sharma at this time. Where is Rohit Sharma started trending on Twitter. After the absence of IPL’s most successful captain Hitman in a big event, the market of such rumors has suddenly become hot.

According to the news of Times of India, Rohit Sharma’s health was not good. This is the reason why the captain of Mumbai Indians could not reach the captain’s event organized before IPL. Actually, a day before the start of IPL, a special photo session was organized by BCCI in Ahmedabad. The opening ceremonies of the IPL are to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In this ground, the first match of the tournament will be played between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings.

Captain’s charioteer became in trouble, took command of IPL team in only 1 match, 2 won, 2 Indians also in the list

Whenever there was a chance, the bat showed a storm, did not get a chance in Team India, now there will be havoc in IPL!

During this photo session, the captains of nine out of 10 franchises are visible. Only Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is missing from this frame. This is the reason why the curiosity among the fans about the sudden absence of Rohit Sharma increased.

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