WhatsApp banned 2.4 million accounts in India

Messaging service WhatsApp has imposed a permanent ban on about 24 lakh accounts in India in July. Meta-owned WhatsApp said that it has banned about 1.4 million accounts on its own and no reports were received from users for these accounts. Social media sites Facebook and Instagram removed around 27 million posts in India during July.

WhatsApp in its monthly compliance Report I told that more than 23,87,000 accounts have been banned in July. These accounts have been banned as part of the Company’s complaint handling process through user reports and the Company’s system for identifying accounts that violate the Terms of Service. This is the largest number of accounts banned by WhatsApp since March. More than 18 lakh accounts were banned in March. There was a ban on 16 lakh accounts in April and about 19 lakh accounts in May.

Most of the reports received from the users requested for a ban on the account. The company said that it has taken action against 27 of these accounts. WhatsApp has some such features develop Prepared to do what was being demanded from the users. These include features like hiding online status and admin delete.

If you want to avoid being disturbed while online on this messaging app, then trying to solve it. For this, a feature is being worked on which will enable users to hide their online status. Users can get two new options. One of these will be for each person and the other will be the same as seen before. This will allow users to choose who can see them when they are online. Apart from this, the ability to see the previous participants of a WhatsApp group is also being worked on. This will allow users to see a list of people who have left or been removed from the group in the last 60 days.

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