When Australian fast bowler Merv Hughes taught a lesson to Javed Miandad in the field


Australian team has been achieving success in the field through sledding
Fast bowler Merv Hughes was an expert in making players angry and making fun of them.

New Delhi. Glenn McGrath-Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting-Harbhajan Singh, many more names apart from these, all of them will remember the fight in the field. Kangaroos consider it a part of the game to provoke the players of the opposing team to make mistakes. The Australian team has also achieved success in the field through sledging. This series has been going on for years. Let us introduce you to the personality of one such player who was not only famous for his game and looks, but his tongue also used to work as a spear.

It is being talked about former Australian bowler Merv Hughes. Kangaroo bowler’s sense of humor was no less than the speed of his balls. Once the Australian team went to UAE to play a match. There an Arab Sheikh and Merv Hughes met. Talking about himself, Shaikh said, I have 78 wives. Hughes was silent for a few moments and then said to Tapak, you only need two more and then you will be entitled to the new ball. The one line reply made fun of Sheikh. Actually, a new ball can be taken after 80 overs in a Test match. Hughes made Sheikh wonderful by combining cricket and wives.

Lesson taught to Miandad
Former Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad was also a mind game master in the field. The match was going on between Australia and Pakistan. During batting, Miandad called Merv Hughes a fat bus conductor. Tamtamae Hughes uprooted Javed Miandad’s stump on the very next ball. When Javed started going to the pavilion, Hughes shouted, ticket please.

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In taunting, Master Merv Hughes once said, whenever it comes to sledding, I don’t know why everyone starts looking at me. I didn’t invent sledding. Nor was it the best. Maybe I was more clear. The Raboli mustache of Merv Hughes, who took 212 wickets in 53 Test matches for Australia, was no less famous.

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