When Former Cricketer Vinod Kambli booked for allegedly hitting wife Andrea Hewitt under influence of alcohol know whole matter


Former cricketer had assaulted his wife
Wife was admitted to the hospital

New Delhi: There are many such cricketers in the world whose controversies were discussed more than their careers. The story of former cricketer Vinod Kambli is also similar. Sometimes intoxication, sometimes two marriages and sometimes torture on his wife. A few days ago it was reported that Vinod Kambli beat up his wife and threw a cooking pan at her.

In fact, Kambli’s wife Andrea Hewitt had accused Kambli of drunken assault last month. The wife had also said that she had thrown the cooking pan at him. Due to which his head got hurt. The wife had lodged a complaint at the Bandra Police Station. A police officer had told that Kambli’s wife got herself treated in the hospital.

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Kambli won from BCCI pension
Vinod Kambli’s life is being cut off from BCCI pension. Apart from this, he does not have any source of money. He himself disclosed this. Vinod Kambli takes a lot of drugs. Because of this, he is surrounded in controversies as well.

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Kambli’s career

Kambli played a total of 17 Tests and 104 ODIs for India. During this he scored 1084 and 2477 runs. He has 2 double centuries in Test cricket. At the same time, he has also scored 2 centuries in ODIs.

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