When reminded of Babar Azam’s statement, Rameez Raja lashed out at the journalist, said – then the same thing, you…


The first Test between England and Pakistan is being played in Rawalpindi.
Rameez Raja criticized the Rawalpindi track.

New Delhi. The Pakistan team is currently playing a Test series against England (Pakistan vs England). The first match of the series is being played in Rawalpindi. After seeing the performance of the batsmen in the match, there was a lot of discussion about this track. PCB President Ramiz Raja also broke his silence regarding this issue. But before this match, Captain Babar Azam had something else to say. Meanwhile, a journalist questioned Rameez Raja, on which he got angry.

The first match was completely in favor of the batsmen. Four century innings were seen from the side of the visiting team. At the same time, the Pakistan team, which came out to chase 657 runs, also got off to a great start. A total of three centuries have been scored so far including captain Babar Azam from the host team. Pakistan has scored 499 runs losing 7 wickets. Criticizing the Rawalpindi pitch, Rameez Raja had said that he could not understand about the Test pitch and was disappointed with the pitch. He had said that there is no bounce on this track, so he is insisting on drop-in.

You play again – Rameez Raja

Reminding the statement of captain Babar Azam, the journalist asked the PCB chairman, ‘What kind of pitches do we have for such cases. Babar had said that we have a golden opportunity in this series. On which Rameez Raja got angry and said, ‘Then you are talking about the same thing, you can play again.’

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