When Sehwag took out the air of Pakistani ‘Bradman’, Pak batsman yearned for runs, started apologizing, VIDEO

New Delhi. Virender Sehwag is one of the few batsmen in the world, whose face was not easy for any bowler. Be it bouncers or sledging, Sehwag was adept at blunting every weapon of the opponent. Veeru’s bat spoke fiercely against Pakistan. So much so that he was given the nickname ‘Sultan of Multan’. The relations between Virender Sehwag and Pakistani cricketers were also soft and warm. Sehwag also got rid of Pakistani bowlers for sixes and also sang them songs on his request. Sehwag narrated one such anecdote of ‘Pakistani Don Bradman’ in the country’s number-1 news channel News18 India’s Chaupal programme, listening to which a smile spread on everyone’s face.

Virender Sehwag appeared in his familiar style in the Chaupal program of news channel News18 India. Sehwag said in response to a question, ‘I scored 301 against Pakistan, scored 254, scored 201. So you can abuse till the first 10 overs or till you score 100 runs. This too has a limit. After this, brotherhood is formed that how many abuses will you give now. I remember Yasir Hameed used to be in the Pakistan team. He met us in the lift when I scored 300. He said that this time I got out. But I will not be out in the next two matches. You see How will you get me out?

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The Indian veteran said, ‘When Yasir Hameed said that he would not be out for the next two matches, I told him that’s fine. Are you Don Bradman? Sehwag further told that he kept calling Yasir Hameed as Don Bradman after this. Say that Don Bradman, how are you? Coincidentally, Yasir Hameed could not score runs in the next two matches as well. Whenever Yasir would get out, Sehwag would go to him and say, “Don Bradman, you are out.”

Virender Sehwag took out the air of Yasir Hameed’s bigotry in such a way that he almost came into apologetic mode. In Sehwag’s words, ‘When Yasir didn’t get runs and I kept making fun of him, he folded his hands and said, brother, stop calling me Don Bradman. Now I have been insulted a lot. Sehwag ended this story by saying that even without abusing many times, say such things which sting. Sehwag also told that he has sung songs on the field itself at the behest of Pakistani cricketers.

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