When Sourav Ganguly Held At Gunpoint In England With Navjot Singh Sidhu Saved By Local Girl Terrible Moments

New Delhi. Sourav Ganguly has always been considered one of the bravest Indian cricketers. But when a gun is pointed at your head, your legs start trembling. In such a situation, no matter how brave someone is, his life also gets stuck in the throat. A similar incident has also happened with former captain Sourav Ganguly, when a boy pointed a gun in front of him. Seeing the gun pointed at his head, Ganguly began to feel that it was his last day, but luck supported him and a stick saved his life.

In Beefy Cricket Tales with Ian Botham, Sourav Ganguly recounted how he once thought he was going to die during India’s tour of England when he came face to face with some drunken teenagers. In the chapter titled ‘Troubles in England’, the former captain talks about how since the incident he has almost always traveled on his own whenever he visits England and does not use the tube or buses .

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Explaining the incident in detail, Sourav Ganguly had said, “We (Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sourav Ganguly) got on the tube and headed towards the pinner. There was a group of teenagers (two boys and three girls) in our car and they were drinking. We were sitting in front of them and I could see that one of them was watching us while drinking a beer.” The cricketer told that he knew that one of them was trying to get a reaction from him to start a fight. Ganguly wanted nothing to do with these kids and even asked Sidhu to keep calm. Sourav Ganguly told that I picked up the can of beer and silently kept it aside, when one of the boys came right in front of my face.

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The former Indian captain further said, “I told him that I did not say anything, but Sidhu came in the middle and confronted him. I knew then that there was going to be some trouble. I took off my glasses and threw them on the floor away from me. Whatever was to come, I got ready for it. A few punches were thrown and as soon as we reached the station, I pushed the boy and he fell. He woke up and the next thing I saw was a gun pointed at my face. I thought, ‘Oh my God, my life is going to end on this train.’

After this Ganguly said, “I was trembling and was also very tense. But thankfully my tour and my life continued.” Because at that moment, like a hero in a movie, a girl, whom Ganguly described as ‘quite big and really strong’, stepped in and pulled the boy out with a gun.

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