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Jetna Tej Baul Otne Tej Baat. Tani, range ho ke kahle, kheladi katno dhakad hokhe, u can not grow up from the game. Kohli is undoubtedly the most successful captain of India, but because of his arrogance, many people get hurt. Anil Kumble was in the process of resigning from the coach’s post due to the insult of Kohli by the great bowler. Even Kohli kept on ignoring the advice of Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar. Where is the mango tree sown like acacia tree? When India lost the series 1-2 even after winning the first Test in South Africa, Kohli resigned early for fear of being stripped of the captaincy.

Kohli was devastated by poor batting and defeat

Bhojpur Warriors’s wicketkeeper Faizal Rahman said, in recent times, Birat Kohli’s batting failed. Kohli definitely scored 43 centuries in ODIs and 27 centuries in Tests. But since November 2019, he has scored a century in Tests. In 2021, Kohli played 11 Tests, his average was around 29 runs in Javana. In South Africa too, when solid batting was needed in the third Test to save the series, Kohli could not live up to it. In the second innings, when Badhan needed the total, he was dismissed for 29 runs. While Rishabh Pant delivers a century on the pitch. If India’s lead is devoid of more than three and a half hundred runs, then the series can be level. At one point, Kohli’s game continued to deteriorate, from above, India lost the series after winning the first Test. With this fact, Kohli went to the camp that the cricket board should not take away the captaincy from him. Eh se oo resign already. From the very beginning of the South Africa tour, he remained with Bibad. Before the tour gets underway, Kohli was determined to get into trouble with Sourav Ganguly, the chairman of the Cricket Board. The issue of his removal from the captaincy of One Day, he had a lot of dispute with Saurabh Ganguly and selection committee chairman Chetan Sharma. Even after this, fear remained in Kohli’s mind. They should be extinguished that now after the defeat, some action can be taken against them, eh before they leave the captaincy.

When Kohli kept on insulting Anil Kumble

Gagan Kumar was said about Faizal, but Kohli’s contribution to the country’s cricket could not be forgotten. Under the captaincy of 68 Tests, Kohli won 40 in Dilwale Bade. Oo India’s most successful test captain. Then Kapil Kumar replied, Yes, it is okay that Kohli remains a very successful captain, but why should he remain with India’s greatest bowler? Anil Kumble is India’s most successful bowler. U took 619 wickets of 132 test games. He is ranked 4th in the world in the highest number of takeaways. Anil Kumble also went for the rare feat of taking 10 wickets in a Test innings. But he kept on insulting even the iconic player, Birat Kohli. Anil Kumble became the head coach of Team India in June 2016. Be very sure of discipline. Make it a rule that in the practice session, J also came late and fell to the fine god of 50 dollars. Team meetings were mandatory every fourth day. Eh strictly Kohli’s troubles are lagal. Oh ghari oo estar rahan. There were many names in Woolkar Batinh. Kohli wanted to run the team in his own way. But in front of Kumble’s great stature, Kohli could not say anything. There was a lot of turmoil in the Tawana Ghari cricket board as well. Following the orders of the Supreme Court, the Committee of Administrators looked after the work of the Cricket Board. The tension kept on increasing with Kohli’s Kumble. Champions Trophy tournament in 2017. But right before, Kohli should complain against Head Coach Kumble to the CEO of Cricket Board, Rahul Johri. oo SMS mein kumble ke ke lekhle rahan, hi is overbearing (he is very arbitrary). After the sms, it became a bubble. Insult to E Kumble.

Rahan Kohli fails in Champions Trophy final

Kapil Kumar called Agha. From 1st June 2017 the Champions Trophy started in England. Reached England with India’s team coach Kumble and captain Kohla. India had warm-up matches against Bangladesh. Before the match, when Kumble reached to take stock of net practice, then Kohli left the field. India reached the finals of the tournament between the insiders, where Okar competed with Pakistan. India’s team remained under double pressure. Batting first, Pakistan scored 338 runs. The team had a lot of hope from Captain Kohli. But within the batting soil of Team India, Ison was full. Rohit Sharma 0, Dhawan 21, Kohli 5, Yuvraj Singh 22, Dhoni 4 runs off the wicket. Hardik Pandya scored 46 balls with 76 runs in front of the same pitch and fast bowling of Pakistan. But you did not see the game of the name of the star batter of India. India lost to Pakistan by 180 runs. Don’t be jealous. Kohli put all his strength in fighting with Kumble. His attention kept wandering from the game. Deeply saddened by the behavior of Kumble, Kohli. India’s great bowler resigned from the post of head coach after two days of the Champions Trophy ending in order to protect his self-respect.

Mighty Kohli why he was arbitrary!

Kapil Kumar’s talk continued. The responsibility of reconciliation between Kohli and Kumble remained in the heart of Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar tried a lot. But don’t be ready for Kohli to reconcile. Efforts were also made by the Committee of Administrators for reconciliation in the Champions Trophy. But the results did not come out. Kumble’s tenure remained till the Champions Trophy. But the board extended the tenure of his great Jogdan Dekh. Rakhel Gill reinstated as head coach till Kumble’s tour of West Indies. But Kohli, Kumble should adjust with each other. Oh Ghari, keep on moving towards Kohli. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and BBS Laxman Oh Ghari were members of the Cricket Advisory Committee. All three people tried very hard to settle the situation. But don’t talk. Anil Kumble, you resign, remain adamant and best Indies don’t gayle. Eh tare birat kohli, kumble jison leave the post of great player and be forced to stay. , Before Kumble, Ravi Shastri was the director of Team India. Tawana Ghari became very friendly with Kohli’s Shastri. Kohli was unhappy with Kumble being appointed head coach in place of Shastri. It was said that he kept opposing Kumble only for the sake of being made coach of Ravi Shastri again. Follow the words of Ravi Shastri, Kohli. Whereas Kumble is not ready to give any concession to Kohli for the sake of discipline. Oh Ghari Kohli’s power board also fell silent. Finally, Anil Kumble’s parting happened in a humiliating situation. After Ekra, the head coach of Kohli’s favorite Shastri was Banawal Gill. Now neither Shastra coach, nor Kohli captain.

Where is the mango from the acacia tree sown?

Ahi in the middle, Faisal asked, why is the fight between Kohli and Kumble starting? Then Kapil Kumar was called, Virat Kohli was also accused of monopolistic tendencies. On 25 March 2017, there was the fourth test match between India and Australia in Dharamsala. In this match, Kohli was out of the team due to injury. In his place, Rahane kept on captaining. Now the question arose that in place of Kohli, Kekra should be in the team. Coach Kumble looked at the mood of the pitch to give Kuldeep Yadav a chance. Whereas Kohli should be in favor of the batsman. Then Kumble, after consulting the caretaker captain Rahane, gave Kuldeep Yadav a chance. This matter went down to Kohli. Oh Ghari don’t keep taking Kehu decision against his wish. Kuldeep Yadav from Sanjog proved his selection right by taking four wickets in the first innings of the match. After a while, after talking about Kuldeep’s pardarson in the dressing room, Kumble said, after all, experience is also something. (His signal kept on giving 619 wickets on his own). After listening to this, Kohli, take Khoonas Pal from Kumble. In this match, India was getting victories. Kumble’s tenure as coach was very good. During his tenure, India were playing 17 Test matches, winning 12 and losing one in Javana. 8 wins and five losses in 13 ODIs. But Tabbo Kohli was defeated by Anil Kumble. Five years later, History Apna Ke Fen Doharvalas. Now, under the pressure of Kohli, he has to resign. It went on till now that Sandeep sir, the coach of ‘Bhojpur Warriors’ reached there. Everyone felt silent about picking up the kitbag on their own.

(Ashok Kumar Sharma is a senior journalist, views written in the article are his personal.)

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