When Virat Kohli Reveals Rohit Sharma Unknown Secrets Says Talks Like Tapori Hitman One Of The Funniest People Ever I Seen


Virat Kohli told Rohit Sharma Tapori
The bonding of both is very good on the field

New Delhi: Who does not like the bonding of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. There is hardly any Indian fan who does not want to see both the players batting together on the field. Along with Virat batting, he is also known for his funny nature. Virat once revealed that Rohit Sharma talks like ‘Tapori’. If he has to say anything, he speaks in a strange way.

Virat Kohli was giving an interview on Oak Tree Sports. Virat discussed Rohit. During this, Virat said, “Rohit is really the funniest person. You will never understand him. Know what is his best best. If he has to address any issue, he will speak in the language of Tapori. For example, suppose that I have to say that there is a lot of traffic in Lokhandwala. So I would say that nowadays traffic is very common in Lokhandwala. Now if Rohit has to say the same thing, then who knows what he will say, oh there is not much.

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Virat further said, “Whatever he wants to speak, he has spoken. Now it depends on you how much you can understand. He will not explain. When Rohit Sharma came, he was discussed everywhere. I thought which such player has come. But when I saw him playing, I said don’t speak anything after today.”

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