When virender sehwag forgot lyrics chala jata hu amid chennai test 2008 against south africa creates history smashed 319 runs uncommon story


india vs south africa test match drawn
Sultan of Multan played an inning of 319 runs

New Delhi. In the history of Indian cricket, there was a batsman who used to hum a song while batting. This probably helped him find his rhythm. Whatever the situation, it doesn’t matter. He used to come down on the crease with the determination that he has to destroy the bowlers from the very first ball itself. The batsman who rules the world cricket by the name of ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ and ‘Sultan of Multan’ is none other than Virender Sehwag. Who was known for his fearless batting. Once he forgot the lyrics of the song while batting, then he created history by stopping the match and calling his fellow player.

In the first Test match in Chennai in the year 2008, the teams of India and South Africa were face to face. Sehwag scored 319 runs in the first innings. While Sehwag was batting, he was also singing the song. After some time he forgot the lyrics of the song. After this the 12th player helped him.

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‘I was batting around 200’
In an award function, Virender Sehwag shared that incident of Chennai Test. Sonu Nigam, who was hosting the award ceremony, asked Sehwag if it is true that once you were batting and you forgot the lyrics of a song and you called someone and stopped the match, is it a true story? On this Sehwag said, ‘Look, I was batting in Chennai. At that time I was batting around 200 runs. Then I was also humming the song. It was raining fours and sixes. Then there was a drinks break and Rahul Dravid and I started drinking water while talking about water. When the game started after the drinks break, I forgot the lyrics of the song. Almost 3 overs went by without fours and sixes. Suddenly Dravid asked me is everything alright? Then I said why? Then Dravid said that no boundary has come yet. Now who would tell him that I have forgotten the lyrics of the song and I am not enjoying batting.

Scored 319 runs with the help of 42 fours and 3 sixes.
In this Test match, Hashim Amla scored an inning of 159 runs for South Africa while Rahul Dravid scored a century for India. According to Sehwag, ‘Then I called the 12th player and told him to go to my iPod and open the Veeru 2 playlist. He should come and tell me the lyrics of the song which is at number six. After this Sehwag said that at that time he was humming Kishore Kumar’s song ‘Chala Jaata Hoon…’. Although this test match was a draw. Viru had hit 42 fours and 5 sixes in his triple century.

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