When Vivian Richards threatened to kill wasim akram infront of Imran khan waited outside dressing room with bat to hit him


Wasim Akram found it difficult to sledge a batsman
Captain Imran Khan had also lost his way, barely survived

New Delhi. Even though cricket is called Gentleman’s game. But, many times players cross this limit and fiercely use sledging against each other. One such incident happened in the year 1988 by former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram with West Indies batsman Vivian Richards. However, it was too much for Akram to mess with the dreaded batter and Richards took a bat outside the Pakistan dressing room to hit Akram. Akram himself told this story in The Kapil Sharma Show.

This incident between Wasim Akram and Vivian Richards is from the 1988 Barbados Test. Wasim Akram was very young at that time. The story related to this was narrated by Wasim Akram in The Kapil Sharma Show. Akram had told, “I was young then. I was skinny. But my speed was good. Probably the last over of the day. Vivian Richards was on strike. I hit him with a bouncer. The little English that I knew, I told him, you don’t know how to bat (don’t you know how to bat) along with one or two abuses. On this he told me, don’t talk to me like this, while I will kill you.

Richards threatened to kill me
Wasim further said, “I did not understand much about Vivian Richards. Just caught the kill thing. I was scared because he had six pack abs. There were wobblers too. I felt that he should not really kill. I went to Captain Imran Khan. I said he is talking about killing me. On this he said, don’t worry, I am with you and throw the bouncer. I hit the bouncer again. His hat had fallen off again. I then sledged Richards.

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According to Akram, “After this I bowled him on the last ball and then abused him. Richards walked off the field spitting, as was his habit. The day’s play was over. We went to the dressing room. The West Indies team was also in the dressing room. I was taking off my kit when the room attendant came. He told me that someone is waiting for you outside the room. I asked who it was and peeped outside wearing a shoe and saw that Viv Richards was standing with his bat taking off his T-shirt. Seeing this, I ran inside to Captain Imran Khan. But, he waved his hands and said that you have a fight, you deal with it.

After this I went out and apologized by holding the feet of Vivian Richards. In this way my life was saved.

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