Where did the 15-year-old boy insert the USB cable, you will be shocked to know!

A 15-year-old boy unknowingly made such a mistake, due to which he had to be taken to the doctors and his life was saved by surgery. The boy had to undergo surgery after a USB cable got stuck inside his penis, reports Mirror.UK. It is said that the 15-year-old boy was allegedly trying to measure his genitals from inside through a USB cable. In this strange way of ‘sexual experiment’, the USB cable got stuck in the boy’s penis and it became impossible to remove it.

Due to the knots in the cable and its entanglement, blood started coming in the urine of the young man. Eventually his mother came to know about the incident and took him to the hospital. It is said that there the boy confessed that he had inserted the cable intentionally.

It is not known when this incident took place, but in November 2021 a urology case Report This strange phenomenon was documented in The doctors reported in Science Direct that the two distal ports of the USB wire were found to protrude from the external urethral meatus, while the central part of the wire was trapped inside the urethra.

In their report, the doctors wrote that the patient was a fit and healthy boy with no history of mental health disorder. The doctors were unable to remove the cable stuck in the urethra with the help of a metal rod, as the cable had formed knots inside. In such a situation, he had to do surgery on the boy.

The surgical team made an incision between the boy’s genitals and anus to access the cable trapped inside. The surgery was successful and both the ends of the wire were successfully taken out through the external urethra. The boy also made a speedy recovery after the surgery. A few days later he was discharged from the hospital. However, the monitoring of the boy will be done for a long time, because inserting any foreign object into the urethra can cause pain while urinating, bleeding, and painful erection. The case of the 15-year-old boy is not an isolated incident. There are names of many other things in the report, which people used wrongly and got admitted to the hospital. These include needles, pins, etc.

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