Whichever format I play, I want to score big after getting set: Yashasvi Jaiswal

The efforts of 21-year-old Yashasvi Jaiswal finally paid off. For a long time, this left-handed batsman has been rewarded for his excellent performance in domestic cricket and IPL-2013 as a place in the Indian Test team. The Indian team (Team India’s West Indies Tour) has to play two tests in the West Indies tour. By the way, the fans were hoping that Yashasvi would get a place in the ODI team that toured the West Indies as well, but his wish has not been fulfilled at the moment. However, Yashasvi is hopeful of a good performance in red ball cricket. He said, ‘In whatever format I play, my effort is to make a big score after being set.


Yashasvi talked about issues related to cricket in the Indian Express Idea Exchange. He said that whenever I used to see the floodlights of Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, I used to hope that one day I would also play there. He said, ‘This idea was always in my mind. In fact, when I played there and scored a century, those childhood memories came alive. It motivates me to perform even better. I didn’t think that far ahead whether I would play at Wankhede or not. I just kept working, knowing that one day I would reach there. (Yashasvi Jaiswal Instagram)


Yashasvi said, I like to play red ball cricket. I thoroughly enjoy it. This is the legacy of Mumbai cricket, be it school cricket or club cricket, matches last for three, four or five days. Players score a lot of runs in these matches. When I played school cricket, I used to think that when I get set, I will score big because it will get me into Mumbai cricket. I always tell myself that when I am set, make sure that I score big and take responsibility for the team. (Instagram of Yashasvi Jaiswal)


Yashasvi likes the acting of Hollywood actress Kate Winslet. Regarding the famous song of Titanic film, this left-handed batsman said, ‘There is a line in this song,’ Every night in my dreams…When I want to achieve something, I think about these lines. (Instagram)


Yashasvi told that in Bollywood, I like the song ‘Ashaen..’ from the film ‘Iqbal’ very much. He said, ‘When I was a child, I often used to watch Iqbal films. This is an inspirational film for me. This movie gives the message that if you believe in your abilities then nothing is impossible. IPL


Yashasvi said, ‘The past has given me the courage to face failures and difficulties. Let me tell you, Yashasvi spent her initial days in Mumbai struggling in a tent. He said, ‘I do not feel ashamed about this journey of mine, but I feel that someone will be inspired by these words of mine and my words can mean a lot to him.’-AP


He said, ‘It is easy to play high-level cricket and then get carried away by its influence. This can happen at any level. Even playing at the U-16 and U-19 level, you might think that there is nothing left to achieve. It varies from person to person. I have never felt like this. I know that I have worked hard and every run that I am scoring is the result of that hard work. I don’t want it to go to waste. I am still working hard. (Yashasvi Jaiswal Instagram)

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