White light may soon appear on traffic signal along with red, yellow and green! Know what this research says

When it comes to traffic signals, the first picture that comes to mind is red, green and yellow lights. From the very beginning, traffic signals have been known by these three lights. But now it seems the time has come for a change. Researchers at North Carolina State University have now presented the idea of ​​using white light in this. Arguing behind this, Engineers say that this will control the traffic flow in a better way. Come, let us tell you what is the basis of this argument of the engineers.

traffic North Carolina State University has released a research regarding the signal. This research has been conducted by the Transport Engineers in which the red light on the traffic signal, yellow light And apart from green light, it has been said to include white light. Engineers say this will help control traffic through autonomous vehicles (AV), vehicles that are self-controlled. Research on the official website of the university published Has been done In this research, research has been done by creating such situations with the help of computer, so that self-driving vehicles can take the travel time to the minimum level with the help of their intelligence and also reduce the fuel usage to a great extent.

Researchers have named it White Phase Intersection where self-driving vehicles will be able to use their computing power to navigate and measure traffic flow at the intersection. For this they will be able to make connections with each other and at any intersection or traffic signal But by taking stock of the traffic situation, we will be able to minimize the travel time. This will also save fuel used in the vehicle. This work will be done through the main computer installed on the traffic signal, to which autonomous vehicles will also be able to connect.

That is, the main computer on the traffic signal will send information to the autonomous vehicle’s computer based on its data and turn on the white light when it reaches the intersection. When the autonomous vehicle sees this white light, it will know that there are more AVs already present at that intersection and accordingly each vehicle will decide its direction. There will also be an advantage here that such vehicles, which will be driven by a human, will only have to follow that autonomous vehicle and that vehicle itself will take them on the route with the best traffic flow on that route.

Overall, this research shows that self-driving vehicles will have a huge contribution in this. These vehicles will collect information about the traffic, location, conditions etc. of an area and accordingly determine the best flow for the traffic. And the men will only have to follow these vehicles as these vehicles will already be running on the best route with the help of their intelligence. And in such a situation, when there are not many AVs present at an intersection, the traffic signal itself will function in the traditional three-light format.

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