Who are the top-3 fielders in the world? Jonty Rhodes took the name of only one cricketer, tied the bridge of praise

New Delhi. Jonty Rhodes of South Africa is known as a great bowling coach at his time. Rhodes is the fielding coach of Lucknow Super Giants in IPL 2023. At present, many players are doing excellent batting, bowling as well as fielding at this time, but if Jonty Rhodes is to be believed, there is only one player in this era who according to him is excellent in fielding. This player is not from his own franchise but from Chennai Super Kings. Yes, we are talking about Ravindra Jadeja.

During a conversation with the Times of India, Jonty Rhodes was asked to name the three best fielders of the current era. He said that not three but only one cricketer is the best in this tour and his name is Ravindra Jadeja. Especially in T20 cricket, the need for a good fielder is very high.

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Jonty Rhodes said, “There was a time when good fielding was considered only a personal talent. Now it is a joint work. Ever since the inception of IPL, people have started focusing on fielding as well. Not every team has a fielding coach. You have a lot of time in 50 overs cricket. You have 3-4 good fielders and 6-7 boys don’t perform well.

Jonty Rhodes said, “Since the inception of IPL, we have seen improvement in fielding. Before the start of IPL in 2008, we used to talk about fielding. In 12-13 years, we have seen that there has been a lot of improvement in fielding.

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