Who is the role model of Umran Malik? Took the name of Jasprit Bumrah, but does not consider him as an idol

New Delhi. Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Umran Malik (Umran Malik) Has created panic in IPL 2022 at its own pace. Umran Malik is very much in love with his speed. Under the supervision of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s bowling coach Dale Steyn, this player is also maturing fast. Umran Malik fell in love with fast bowling in 2018. At that time he used to play cricket with tennis ball like Jasprit Bumrah.

Malik was ‘recommended’ by Abdul Samad
In an interview given in the English newspaper Times of India, Umran said, “Whenever a team from Punjab used to come to Jammu, I was called. I used to help the local team win matches. After this I was selected in the trial of Jammu and Kashmir Under-19 team. I used to practice regularly with Abdul Samad. Samad bhai helped me a lot. He sent my bowling videos to Sunrisers Hyderabad. First Sunrisers Hyderabad chose me as a net bowler. After this I got a place in the playing 11 which was a proud moment for me. Then I played matches and performed.

Batsmen like to hit on the helmet
Umran does not like to bowl at a slow pace. He says, “When someone tells me that you are bowling too slow, my emotions go up. I start bowling fast.” Umran told that, “He likes to hit on the helmets of the batsmen. First he bowls the fast ball and when the batsmen get scared, they don’t hit their ball.

Hardik Pandya narrowly survived, Shreyas Iyer was left stunned
In the 15th season of IPL, this player’s fast bowling has also made Shreyas Iyer uncomfortable. Hardik Pandya has also survived narrowly. Umran’s ball was hit in his helmet. He is pushing most of the batsmen on the back foot. Umran says that it is great to have a legend bowler like Dale Steyn in the dugout. If bowling is done according to him, he is very happy. The team’s plan was successful in the last match. Umran had bowled the last over in the last match and took four wickets while throwing a maiden.

Inspired by Jasprit Bumrah
Umran Malik is expected to join Team India soon after IPL. He says that the goal is to play for India and do well. Malik considers himself his role model. However, he says that Jasprit Bumrah inspires him.

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