Why did Yuvraj Singh hate his father? This story is also related to Arjun Tendulkar

new Delhi. These days a coach is in big discussion in the cricket world. The name is Yograj Singh, who has recently coached Arjun Tendulkar. Yograj Singh, who played Test cricket for India in the 1980s, does not need any introduction. But today’s young generation knows him more as the father of Yuvraj Singh. Do you know that there was a time when Yuvraj Singh started hating his father.

Test cricketer, coach, actor… all these are the identity of Yograj Singh. But right now we are talking about father Yograj. A man who wanted to live cricket. He also flew as per his wish on the cricket field. Also played Test and ODI cricket for the country. But this flight did not last long. Seeing the sudden stoppage of his career, this person was definitely upset, but not disappointed. After a few years, the same person saw the same dream for his son. Son i.e. Yuvraj Singh, who had won many skating tournaments in the under-14 category.

Father Yograj Singh wanted to make son Yuvraj Singh a cricketer. Yuvraj Singh was the champion of skating. Used to play tennis very well. Also liked football. But cricket. This was the game that Yuvraj Singh did not want to play. And this was the conflict, which Yograj won as a father.

Yuvraj Singh, who is the role model of millions of young cricketers today, has told this father-son relationship many times. Even in an interview given to Anupam Kher, Yuvi spoke openly about his relationship with his father. Yuvi laughs at his father without any bitterness and says, ‘What my father did to me, it is better if no one does to his child… But maybe I had to play cricket. That’s why all that happened to me. Whatever I am today, the credit should be given to him (father).

On a question, Yuvi says, ‘There was a time when I used to hate my father. I always feel that a father should not impose his will on his child.

Yuvraj Singh tells in this interview that when he was 15-16 years old, his mother and father had started living separately. He was close to his mother, but lived with his father despite not wanting to. Yuvi says, ‘I did not want to live with my father. But at that time mother could not bear our expenses. That’s why I stayed with my father. In those days my life was very difficult. I used to get all the facilities, but only those which were necessary to play cricket. Yuvraj Singh also told that when he got money to play for Team India, he bought a house from it and started living with his mother.

Ranji Trophy 2023: Arjun Tendulkar took 3 wickets in the debut match after scoring a century, the result of the match reversed

Yograj Singh is in discussion recently because of coaching Arjun Tendulkar. Arjun Tendulkar has scored a century in his debut match of Ranji Trophy. Arjun, playing for Goa, achieved this feat by playing an inning of 120 runs against Rajasthan. It is believed that Yograj’s strict discipline and vision is behind this success of Arjun, which made Yuvraj the best cricketer.

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