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New Delhi. Mohammad Azharuddin, the former captain of the Indian team, took Team India to new heights during his career. Azhar, who made his Test debut in Team India in 1984, created a sensation by scoring consecutive centuries in the first three matches of his career. Even today this record is unstoppable. No batter has been able to do this feat on his debut. After this the veteran batsman never looked back. He is the second such captain in the cricket world who has taken command of his team in consecutive matches in ODIs. Azharuddin led India in 98 consecutive matches. At the forefront of this list is Hansie Cronje of South Africa, who captained in 130 matches.

Why did Azharuddin’s collar stand?

Mohammad Azharuddin’s style was also very famous among the fans. He was always seen playing with collar on the cricket field. Anyone who saw Azhar not only during the match but also off the field, he was seen with a standing collar. This style of his became quite famous. A large number of fans of Azharuddin also adopted this style. It is also important to understand here that former captains did not always enter the field with their collars on. If we look at his early career, it is known that he used to play cricket only by bending the collar.

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Collar stood up after becoming the captain!

In such a situation, the question has to be raised as to why the former captain used to enter the field with the collar on. He became the captain in the year 1991 and since 1993-94 Azharuddin’s collar never bowed. Did this Indian cricketer stand up his collar in pride of captaincy? Or was there some other reason behind it. Let us tell you the reason for this.

Azharuddin told the reason

Mohammad Azharuddin had told during an interview that the only reason for wearing a standing collar was to avoid the sun. “From 1993 or 1994, I started playing with the collar up. The players of the team used to joke that they do not know who would have come in their life due to which they have raised their collars. I often used to field at silly point. The strong sunlight from behind used to hit the neck. Due to which I used to feel un-easiness. Because of which I started playing with the collar standing. This collar remained standing like this even till now. Yesterday when I was coming from somewhere, someone said Azhar Bhai, your collar is still up. I asked him to lower it. He said- no-no you look good in this too.

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