With 380km top speed Italian firm Bertone unveils Bertone GB110 run on fuel made out of plastic waste know more

In the era of expensive petrol and diesel, if we tell you that such a car has been prepared, which runs on fuel made from plastic waste, surely it will be interesting. Italian automobile giant Bertone has unveiled a new ‘hypercar’ that runs on fuel made from plastic waste. The name of the car is Bertone GB110. However, this car will not be for everyone. The company has launched a limited edition of only 33 vehicles.

reports According to, Bertone was founded in the year 1912 by Italian automobile designer Giovanni Bertone. The company went bankrupt in the year 2014. In the same year two brothers – Mauro and Jean-Franc Ricci – acquired the rights to this brand. Together they are rebuilding the company. It started with GB110.

Bertone has not disclosed the price of the car. Information about 33 limited editions of this car has been given on the company’s 110th anniversary. These will be delivered in 2024. The design of the Bertone GB110 is captivating. While designing it, the company kept in mind its vehicles of the 50s and 70s and tried to incorporate the soft rounded lines and sharp edges of that era.


The company claims that the GB110 is the first high-performance car to run on fuel made from plastic waste. The patent for this fuel is with Select Fuel. She prepares this fuel. Bertone and Select Fuel have also partnered for the GB110 car.


The company says that its fuel can be used in all types of transportation. That means this fuel can power other cars and vehicles apart from the GB110. Coming to the GB110 features, the GB110 comes mated to a seven-speed gearbox and can accelerate from 0 to 96 kmph in 2.79 seconds.


Its top speed can reach up to 380 kilometers per hour. This car will come in the hands of only those who are rich in luck. The company is producing only 33 units. Those who want to buy this car will have to sign up on the company’s website.

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