Without whom will ODI World Cup 2023 be held West Indies or Sri Lanka? How Zimbabwe messed up the equation!

New Delhi. Will the ODI World Cup played in India be played without West Indies or Sri Lanka? This question has arisen because a day before, Zimbabwe defeated West Indies in the ICC World Cup Qualifier. The ICC World Cup Qualifier is being played in Zimbabwe. 10 teams are participating in this, out of which only two teams will get a place in the World Cup to be held in India.

The ICC ODI World Cup is to be played from 5 October to 19 November. A total of 10 teams will participate in this. Eight teams, including host India, have already made it to the main draw of the World Cup. He got this opportunity on the basis of ICC ODI ranking. For the remaining 2 places in the World Cup, 10 teams including West Indies and Sri Lanka are trying hard in the World Cup qualifiers. This tournament will run till 9th ​​July.

However, we return to the main question whether this year’s ODI World Cup will be played without West Indies or Sri Lanka. The answer lies in the World Cup qualifiers. The two teams that will reach the finals of this tournament will get a place in the main draw of the World Cup 2023. If we make any speculation on the basis of history and records, then definitely West Indies and Sri Lanka will have the upper hand. But everyone knows that history or records do not work after landing on the field. Performance comes in handy.

This performance in the World Cup qualifiers can spoil the hopes of the West Indies. There is a big ups and downs in the performance of the two-time world champion West Indies. The West Indies team has defeated America and Nepal in the tournament. But lost to Zimbabwe. However, despite this defeat, she can make it to the Super-Six. But there will be no room for error in Super Six.

West Indies will once again face Zimbabwe in Super Six. Apart from this, the Sri Lankan team will also appear in front of him. Sri Lankan team is performing relatively better. Being the host, Zimbabwe is getting the added advantage of weather and pitch. In such a situation, there will be pressure on the West Indies to perform consistently. There is no doubt that if West Indies or Sri Lanka perform to their full potential, they can qualify for the World Cup. But don’t be surprised if Zimbabwe does something wrong.

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