Monday, December 6, 2021

Women can continue playing cricket in Afghanistan ACB chairman Mirwais Ashraf – Latest Cricket News – Announcement of new ACB chairman

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, there has been a worldwide concern about women’s rights there. Meanwhile, Mirwais Ashraf, the new chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), has announced that women will continue to play cricket in Afghanistan. Ashraf said this during a meeting with the ACB staff on Wednesday. In order to promote women’s cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has made it a rule for all recognized countries to make women’s cricket a part.

Ashraf said during a conversation with Cricwick, ‘Women’s cricket is an important requirement of the ICC. So we’ll continue to do that. All the employees will have to be committed to the ACB and work with utmost sincerity in their respective fields. Ahmadullah of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission had said that women in Afghanistan would not take part in cricket.

This announcement of the new chairman of ACB will definitely bring hope among the women of the country. Since the Taliban took over, the fact that women were not allowed to participate in the sport had come to the fore, so her announcement is very important.

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