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Women cricketers are managing anxiety around their periods problem with wearing all white in test match

New Delhi. During England’s Test against India, almost half the women’s team were on their periods. When England’s Tammy Beaumont started her game on the first day of the Test match against India, she was terribly scared. She was upset and scared because she was wearing an impractical outfit – the traditional white dress of Test cricket. So how will you manage toilet or lavatory breaks? What if his wetness was leaked live on TV? From her first Test in seven years, that was the last thing she wanted to be worried about.

The hallmark of Test cricket is the white dress. Female or male cricketer, it is everyone’s dream to represent the country with such a dress. But it is also difficult to imagine how much stress women cricketers have to live in due to this white dress. Tammy Beaumont of England recalled this incident in an interview given to the Telegraph and said, “I was the opening batsman. So I actually asked the umpire, ‘What are the drinks break rules?

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According to Beaumont, “There was a female umpire there so I told her it was the first day. Then she said that I understand you, it is not a problem, we can face it. On the second day of the match one of the Indian batters had to go out for that reason. I think in the coming week everyone was finding out whether their periods were coming or not. For many of us, wearing white for a test was a daunting task. There was a lot of anxiety because of this outfit.”

During that five-day Test, almost half of England’s team were on their periods. England all-rounder Natalie Shiver had some previous experience in the matter. He was on his period on his Test debut against Australia in 2014. Undershorts are now a must for Shiver, but this occasion needed an extra layer of protection. Shiver told that our doctor had actually offered us some medicine to reduce the bleeding.

Talking about periods is still often considered a taboo in sports. But England’s women’s cricketers are on a mission to change the approach to women’s health care in the sport. Established a Women’s Health Group with the England and Wales Cricket Board. The brainchild of Tammy Beaumont, who had a realization during the Covid-19 lockdown. She started it while researching female athlete health. He said, “I started looking at my own experiences, when I probably realized. I was feeling very lethargic and not playing well.”
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She added, “If you want to be a mother, how do you come back from pregnancy (in cricket)? I always felt that even though women are capable of doing this, I personally would never do it. I don’t feel like I can be physically fit enough to play again.”

A player survey revealed that periods and performance, bone care, breast care, contraception, pregnancy and fertility were the main issues that players wanted to know more about. Beaumont was offered clotting and anti-inflammatory drugs – tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid – to help him prepare for his test. Which reduces the amount of bleeding. These medicines also help in reducing pain. These are very common medicines. This is not a magic bullet.

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