Work from office will also start for Infosys employees

In the last few months, the country’s big software companies have asked their employees to return to the office. In this episode, Infosys has prepared a plan to call its staff back to the office in a phased manner. The company has informed about this in an email sent to the staff.

Infosys’ executive vice president and group head of the human resources division, Krishnamurthy Shankar, said in an email that the company will allow staff flexibility. It has been told that in the first phase of this scheme, the staff will have to come to the office two days in a week as per their convenience. In the second phase, transfer of staff or relocation to the branch of their choice will be allowed. Infosys has 247 offices in 54 countries. In the third phase, the company will prepare its hybrid work policy by taking the feedback of the previous two phases.

The company’s CEO, Salil Parekh said that Infosys Planning to bring all the workers back to the office. He said, “We will provide necessary support to the staff so that a large number of workers can return to the office. Along with this, flexibility will also be given.”

Recently, the country’s largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has asked its staff to work from office for at least three days a week. company In an email sent to the employees, it was told that they will have to work from office for three days in a week as per the roster made by their supervisor. Action can be taken by the company against the employees who violate this. However, no time frame was given in the email. Employees are asked to contact their HR business partners for more information. A few weeks ago, TCS encouraged employees to come to office through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The company tried to educate the employees about the benefits of working from the office. TCS has made a 25×25 plan. It is a new operating model in which only 25 percent of its workforce will have to be present in the office at any point of time.

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