Worries about battery charging are over, Mercedes-Benz EQG electric car will give a range of more than 1 thousand kilometers!

Mercedes is reportedly going to use such a tremendous battery technology in its upcoming EQG electric SUV series, due to which its EV can cover a distance of more than 1,000 km in a single charge. A media report has suggested that Mercedes-Benz is considering incorporating the battery pack and technology that was included in the company’s Vision EQXX concept in its upcoming G-wagon electric version.

TOI’s accordingThe Mercedes-Benz EQG electric SUV car can be equipped with a range of more than 1,000 km, as the company will provide the battery technology present in its Vision EQXX electric sedan in this car. Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz took the electric vehicle market by storm after its EQXX achieved a range of 1,202 km on a single charge in a road trip. Even before this, this car had made a record of running 1,008 km in a single charge. Mercedes has used a special battery technology in this car, which will now be included in the EQG lineup.

The EQG, the electric version of the G-Wagon, will reportedly feature Mercedes-Benz’s new silicon content battery technology. According to the company, this battery contains a silicon anode, which when combined with other chemical changes in the cells, contributes to a 20-40 percent increase in energy density. The EQXX prototype used a 100kWh battery pack with modified anode technology and a weight of 495kg.

The report suggests that Mercedes-Benz has made some changes to the existing ladder-frame chassis of the G-Wagon to distribute the weight of the battery pack in the EQG electric SUV. It is said that to give a good driver experience, Mercedes-Benz has also developed a software package, which triggers the electric motors in off-road conditions, similar to the effect of three differential locks on the ICE G-wagon. are equal.

In total, the EQG could be given four electric motors, two of which will power the front and two will be fitted to its rear axle assembly.

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