WTC Explainer: How are points decided on win-loss, what is the final formula? Learn the ABCs of WTC-2


India in second place in points table of World Test Championship
What is WTC and why has it been started?

new Delhi. India had defeated Bangladesh in the Mirpur Test a day earlier. With this victory, Team India made a clean sweep of Bangladesh in the 2-Test series. After this series, India further strengthened its position in the points table of the World Test Championship. Australia is also on top with 120 points and it is certain to play the final. But, England has 124 points more than these two teams. Then he is out of the final race. Why is it so? What is the reason for this. What is different in this year’s World Test Championship? How the formula to reach the final will be decided. Will understand all these things in detail.

Before this, let us know that which country had to play how many matches this time. In the second cycle of the World Test Championship, England had to play maximum 22 Tests. Out of this, 11 at home and 11 abroad. Australia 19 at number two (10 home and 9 away), India 18 (8 at home, 10 away), South Africa 15, Pakistan 14, West Indies and New Zealand 13-13, Bangladesh-Sri Lanka 12-12 Tests were to be played.

India has to play 4 more Tests in the second cycle of the World Test Championship, which will be against Australia in February-March next year. At the same time, South Africa has to play 4 Tests (2 against Australia and the remaining two against West Indies at home), Sri Lanka has to play 2 Tests (at home to New Zealand). In this series, there will be changes in the points table of the World Test Championship due to the defeat and victory of the teams.

What is WTC and why was it started?
Before knowing about this change, we will tell you through this news that what is the World Test Championship, why was it decided to start it? How many countries are included in the World Test Championship? How many series are played and how are points awarded for win, loss or draw and what is different this time from the previous World Test Championship?

So let us explain to you all the things about the World Test Championship in a systematic way. First of all what is World Test Championship and why did it start?

As the name suggests, it is the world championship of test format. Like the World Cup in ODIs and T20s. Similarly, the International Cricket Council started it to keep Test cricket popular and exciting. In this, 9 top teams of Test have been included.

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Which team has to play how many series in WTC?
The cycle of the World Test Championship is of two years. In this 2-year period, each of the top-9 Test teams has to play a total of 6 series. This series is according to home and away format. That is, a team has to play 3 Test series at home and so many Test series abroad. After the scheduled series of all the teams is over, the final is played between the two teams who remain on top of the points table.

For the first time WTC was organized between 2019 and 2021. Then India and New Zealand reached the final. New Zealand became the world champion of Test for the first time by defeating India in the title match in Southampton, England.

Right now the second World Test Championship (2021-2023) is going on. Its final is proposed in the first week of June. The match will be played at The Oval. The format of this year’s cycle is also the same as the previous World Test Championship, just the points system has changed. What is that, let us explain to you.

Why is the WTC points system different from last time?
In the first World Test Championship held between 2019 and 2021, 120 points were fixed for each series. But, instead of the series in the second cycle, the points of each match have been fixed. In the second cycle of the World Test Championship, a team gets 12 points for winning a Test, 4 for a draw and 6 for a tie.

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Why was the points system changed?
Changes have been made in the points system of the World Test Championship so that the teams playing more series of matches do not get extra advantage. It can be understood that in the current cycle of the World Test Championship, each team has to play 6 series (3 home, 3 away). But, the number of Test matches in each series is not equal. Only 2 Tests have been played in some series and five in some. In such a situation, no team gets additional benefit, to correct it, points have been fixed according to the win-loss of each match.

This time the points of each match have been fixed
In the previous World Test Championship, each series had a total of 120 points, which were divided according to the number of matches. At that time, a team got a maximum of 24 points after winning a match in a five-Test series. At the same time, 60 points were awarded for winning the match of the 2-Test series. This meant that it was easier for any team to get full points in a 2 Test series than in a 5 Test series. To eliminate this unfair advantage, match points were decided instead of series points and then on this basis ICC implemented the percentage points system.

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How will the teams qualify for the final?
In the second cycle of the World Test Championship, the way to the final will not be decided by the total marks, but by the percentage points. To understand it simply, the ICC has made the qualification scale instead of points to remove the imbalance of the number of matches played by the teams. That is, it does not matter which team has won how many matches, whose percentage point will be more, that team will go to the final. For this reason, England is out of the final race despite having more points than Australia and India. Because his percentage points are less than both these countries.

Let us tell you that the first cycle of the World Test Championship started on the basis of points system. But, when it became clear that all the series could not be completed due to Corona, then this percentage points system came into existence. It was only through this that the first cycle could be finished within the stipulated time.

Now it comes to how percentage points are calculated? Before telling you about that, let us tell you that the ICC does not decide which team, against whom and how many matches the series will play. It is decided by the cricket board of that country. The number of matches is also decided by both the cricket boards together and the ICC approves it according to its future tour programme.

What is point system and percentage points?
In the second cycle of the World Test Championship, 12 points are awarded for winning a Test, 4 for a draw, 6 for a tie, and no points for a loss. Currently, Team India is at the second position in the points table of the World Test Championship. India has a total of 99 marks and has 58.93 percentage points. Now how are these 99 marks, first let us tell you this. After this, you will understand the percentage point.

India has played 5 test series so far. In this, Team India has played a total of 14 Tests. Out of this, 8 matches have been won, 4 have been lost and 2 have been drawn. India got 96 points for 8 wins and 8 points for 2 draws. That is, Team India should have had a total of 104 points. But, right now Team India has only 99 points in its account. Now the question will arise that why so? This has happened because a penalty of 5 points has been imposed on the Indian team due to slow over rate. In this way, Team India has reduced five points out of 104 to only 99 points.

Now let’s talk about percentage points. India has 58.93% percentage points. Let us understand further what are percentage points and how they are calculated.

The percentage points of a team in the World Test Championship simply means that how many points a team has scored out of the maximum points possible for itself. So from this point of view, India has played 14 Tests so far. A win in a match gives 12 points. That is, India could get a maximum of 168 points from 14 Test matches. India has secured 99 of these points. That is, if you want to calculate the percentage points of India or any other team, multiply the total points of the team by 100 and divide it by the total maximum points. Then the percentage point will come out. On this basis Australia is first, India second, South Africa third and Sri Lanka fourth.

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