WTC Final: Australia cheated with India? Cheating happened with Virat-Pujara, claims Pakistani cricketer


Are Virat Kohli-Pujara victims of ball-tampering?
Sensational claim of former Pakistan cricketer

New Delhi. Did Australia tamper the ball in the final of the World Test Championship being played at The Oval? Were Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara out for tampering with the ball? This claim has been made by former Pakistan cricketer Basil Ali. He said on his YouTube channel that Australia tampered with the ball during India’s first innings, which went unnoticed and Virat Kohli as well as Cheteshwar Pujara’s wickets fell only after tampering with the ball.

Basit Ali claimed on his YouTube channel that Australia tampered with the ball in the 15th over. And on the basis of this, he also got the wickets of Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara. Basit also said that he is surprised to see that no one has noticed this. Let us tell you that in the first innings, Pujara and Kohli were dismissed one after the other by Cameron Green and Mitchell Starc.

Australia did ball tampering: Basit
Basit Ali said in his YouTube video, “First of all, I want to applaud those people who are watching the match from the commentary box and also the umpires. Australia has definitely done ball tampering and no one is talking about it. None of the batters are surprised by this What is going on here? The biggest example of this is that the batsmen are getting clean bowled while leaving the ball. Let me also give you proof. By the 54th over in Australia’s first innings, when Shami was bowling, the shine of the ball was on the outside and it was inswinging for Steve Smith. The ball was not swinging reverse. Reverse swing happens when the sine of the ball is inwards and the ball also comes in.

‘Australia tampered in the 18th over of the Indian innings’
Citing the example of the dismissals of Kohli and Pujara, Basit further said, “During the 18th over, there was a change of ball at the behest of umpire Richard Kettlebrough. At the same time Australia tampered with the ball and India’s score went from 30/2 to 71/4.

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This former Pakistani player further said, “Look at the 16th, 17th and 18th over. The ball on which Virat Kohli got out. Pay attention to his sign. Mitchell Starc had taken the ball in his hand and his shining part was on the outside. But the ball was turning the other way. Jadeja was hitting the ball on the on-side and the ball was going over point. Had the umpires gone blind? God knows who are those people sitting who are not able to see such a simple thing.

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Pujara was clean bowled while leaving the ball, while Virat Kohli was caught out on a bouncer by Mitchell Starc. In the past also Australian players had to face punishment for ball tempering. In the 2018 sandpaper gate incident, David Warner and Steve Smith were even banned.

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