WTC Final: ‘Tendulkar ne to khana….’ Why Kohli is being trolled by mentioning Sachin? Fans are venting their anger


Virat Kohli being trolled after getting out in WTC final
Kohli became a victim of trolls after a viral picture

New Delhi. Virat Kohli was dismissed cheaply in the final of the World Test Championship against Australia. Kohli could score only 14 runs. Getting out of any batsman is a part of cricket. But when Kohli returned to the pavilion after being dismissed and after a few minutes a picture of him surfaced, for which he was being trolled on social media. Kohli’s action was so exasperating to the fans that they cursed the former captain of Team India fiercely. After all, what was there in that picture of Kohli? The fans who always keep their heads on their eyes, what did he do that trolls started happening on social media and comparisons started with Sachin Tendulkar.

When Virat Kohli returned to the pavilion after being dismissed in the first innings of the World Test Championship, he was seen eating food only a few minutes after that. Hardly anyone would be angry with this. Virat is being cursed on social media because in the viral photo, no pain of losing the wicket was visible on his face. While eating food, he was seen laughingly talking to Ishaan Kishan and Shubman Gill standing nearby. Just on this, the fans started showing him the mirror and Sachin Tendulkar’s old statement started being mentioned.

Kohli getting trolled on Twitter
One, Virat got out for 14 runs in the World Championship of Test. Somehow the fans tolerated him. But after this, the picture that came out while eating his food, hurt the sentiments of the social media users.

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2 years… After 8 centuries, the game ended in one stroke, the ‘wall’ fell in front of the part-time bowler, now career at stake!

Sachin’s old statement is going viral
After this photo of Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar’s statement went viral, in which he said that after getting out in the final of the 2003 World Cup, he did not eat food for 3 days. A user had shared this post of Sachin.

Now Kohli will have a chance in the second innings to play big innings and win the hearts of those fans who have made him King Kohli.

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