WTC Final: The World Cup was snatched from India, then decided to throw it out of the ICC Trophy! self trapped

New Delhi. Talk about the current season of the World Test Championship (WTC 2023), the bilateral series is over. New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 58 runs in a match on March 20. In this way, the Kiwi team captured the 2-match series 2-0. Now only the final match is left. India and Australia will clash in the final to be held at the Oval ground in England from June 7. Talking about the point table of the current season of the championship, the Kangaroo team is first while the Indian team is in second place. This is the second season of the championship. New Zealand won the title of the first season. In this way we will get to see a new champion this time.

The Sri Lankan team was also in the race to reach the final before playing the series against New Zealand. India defeated Australia 2–1 in their last series. In such a situation, if the Sri Lankan team had defeated New Zealand in both the matches, it would have reached the title round. The first test was very exciting. But his dream could not be fulfilled. He reached number 3 to 5 in the table after the defeat. Sri Lanka had earlier defeated India by 6 wickets in the final of the T20 World Cup in 2014. But this time his dream could not be fulfilled.

Australia’s 66.67 percent marks
Talking about the current season of the World Test Championship, Australia’s team stood at number one with 66.67 per cent marks. He won 11 matches, lost in 3. 5 matches were drawn. Whereas Team India won 10 Tests. There were defeats in 5, while 3 tests were drawn. India came second with a score of 58.8 per cent. The England team could not make it to the top-3 even after winning 10 Tests.

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South Africa got 55.56 percent, England got 46.97 percent and Sri Lanka got 44.44 percent. Africa won 8 Tests and lost 6. The English team won 10 out of 22 Tests. There were defeats in 8 while 4 matches were drawn. Sri Lanka won 5 Tests. 6 were defeated while one match was a draw. New Zealand team with 38.46 per cent score, Pakistan 7th with 38.1 per cent score, West Indies 8th with 34.62 per cent score and Bangladesh with 11.11 per cent score was at the bottom 9th position.

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