WTC Final: Virat Kohli rang the alarm bell for Australia, expressed his intentions for the 5th day’s play


WTC Final: Virat Kohli did a post before the 5th day’s play
Indicated with which strategy will you play

New Delhi. To win the final of the World Test Championship, India needs 280 runs on the last day and 7 wickets are left. The good thing for Team India is that Virat Kohli is still at the crease. He returned unbeaten on 44 on the fourth day. A 71-run partnership has been done between him and Ajinkya Rahane on the fourth day. Kohli had scored 7 fours in his innings of 44 runs on the fourth day. Even after the wicket fell from one end, Kohli kept the other end intact. Now Kohli is India’s biggest hope on the fifth day. They also know this. Perhaps that’s why before the start of the fifth day’s play, he expressed his feelings by sharing a story on Instagram.

Virat Kohli shared a talk of Vietnam’s Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Han in his Instagram story before the start of the fifth day of the WTC Final. Kohli wrote, “If we have too many worries, fears and doubts, we have no place to live and love. We need to practice letting go of things.”

For what reason has Kohli shared this post. Don’t know about this. But, this post has shown the intentions of Kohli, with what thinking he will play on the last day and if Kohli is successful in that, then who knows that the history of cricket will also change and India will do what never before in the history of cricket. Not done.

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The maximum number of runs chased in a Test match at The Oval is 263. England did this against Australia. But, this feat happened 121 years ago. That is, after that the target of 263 runs or more could never be chased here. This means that if India has to win, then history-changing work will have to be done.

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