WTC Final was not considered worthy, companions went out for holidays, but number-1 bowler returned home, showed fire in 2 balls


After India’s defeat in the WTC Final 2023, if anything related to Indian cricket happened the most in the past, it was not playing Ravichandran Ashwin in the final. There was a lot of criticism regarding this decision of Rohit Sharma-Rahul Dravid. Veterans like Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar openly criticized the Indian team management for not giving a chance to Test’s number-1 bowler i.e. R Ashwin in the high voltage match. Well, what’s gone is gone. Ravichandran Ashwin returned to India with this thinking. Where the rest of the players left for a holiday in Europe after the final of the World Test Championship. At the same time, Ashwin did the opposite. He returned to India and is playing cricket. (r ashwin twitter)

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