WTC Final: Was the catch by Cameron Green of Shubman Gill legal? Know what the rule says


There is a controversy regarding the catch of Shubman Gill.
Know what the rules say about this

New Delhi. On the fourth day of the final of the World Test Championship being played at the Oval between India and Australia, Shubman Gill was dismissed for 18 while chasing a target of 444 runs. But, the way Gill was given out by the third umpire, the controversy continues. On this, the cricket fraternity has in a way divided into two factions. Many veterans of the game are also saying that Gill was given out wrongly.

There has been a debate on social media regarding this catch. Two big questions are emerging. Firstly, did the third umpire make a mistake by giving Gill out? And secondly, was the catch of Gill by Cameron Green legal? That is, it was right under the rules of cricket. Before telling what the MCC rules say about the catch, let us know what happened to Gill.

Green catches Gill in the slip
Shubman Gill along with captain Rohit Sharma gave India a good start. He was on 18, when Scott Boland teased the ball going outside the off stump and the ball took the edge of his bat and went into the slips and Cameron Green, stationed there, caught it with one hand while bending to his left. However, Shubman Gill stood thinking that the ball might have touched the ground.

After this the field umpire took the support of the third umpire. After watching from different angles, TV umpire Richard Catelbrough decided that the ball had not touched the ground while taking the catch and that Green’s fingers were under the ball. In such a situation, he gave out to Gill. Both Indian captain Rohit and Gill looked unhappy with this decision. Rohit also spoke to the umpire.

That’s all, what was it then that there was a debate on Twitter from the stadium regarding this catch that there was foul play with Gill. This decision is wrong. But did the third umpire really make a mistake? Was Green’s catch legal? Let us know what the rule says.

What is the rule regarding the catch?
According to the MCC’s Rule 33.2.1 on catches, a catch is valid if, in each case, either the ball, at any time, or the fielder in contact with the ball, has not gone out of bounds before the catch is completed. Are. In the same rule, it has been further told that if the ball is in the hands of the fielder and his hand may be touching the ground, or the ball is stuck to any part of the body or why it is stuck in any protective gear, it is considered a catch. Will go and the batter has to return to the pavilion.

There was a ruckus on the catch of Shubman Gill, the batter raised questions by clapping! can be punished

According to the rules, the act of taking a catch begins when the ball is in the hands of the fielder and ends when the fielder gains complete control of the ball and its movement.

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It is important that the third umpire believes that Green’s fingers were under the ball while taking the catch. There is no doubt that Green caught the ball correctly. But, when he raised his left hand above the ground, it seemed that the ball had touched the ground and that is why the decision is being disputed.

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