WTC Final Weather Forecast: It may rain for the last 2 days, there is a reserve day, but when and how will it be used? learn


Weather can become villain on last two days of WTC Final
How and under what conditions will the reserve day be used?

New Delhi. Cricket fans were expecting the final of the World Test Championship. Till now they have been seen to be fulfilled. Along with the bowlers, the batsmen have also shown their ability. Along with this, the weather which often turns into a villain in England, at least for three days of the final, was completely kind. The full game was played on all the three days due to sunshine. Fans cannot expect more than this. But, on the last two days i.e. Saturday and Sunday, the indifference of the weather can spoil the game. There is a possibility of rain on the 4th and 5th day of WTC Final. If this happens then there can be disturbance in the match.

In view of this, the ICC has kept one day as a reserve day (June 12) for the WTC Final. Anyway, it cannot be said when the weather will change in England. Even though June to September is called English Summer. But even during this time it keeps raining and many times because of this the results of important matches in England have been affected.

Now according to the report of the local Meteorological Department, it may rain after noon on the fourth day and it is expected on the 5th day as well. Now how long will the period of rain last and what will be its effect on the match. This is difficult to say. Reserve day was kept for this and know in which case it will be used.

When and how will the reserve day be used?
Under the playing condition issued by the ICC for the WTC Final, June 12 has been kept as a reserve day and this day will be used only when rain or any other reason cuts the playing time in 5 days. Will be That is, the number of overs that could not be played in the fixed 5 days, that number of overs will be played in the reserve day. Only the reserve day will not be used for the victory or defeat of any one team in the match.

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Reserve-day will also be used due to slow over rate
Reserve day will not be used only for the deduction of overs in the fixed 5 days of the test due to rain. The second situation, when reserve day will be used is slow over rate. India’s over rate is slow. On the third day also 12 overs were bowled less and the reason was not the weather but the slow over rate.

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On the second day too less overs were bowled than the quota. In such a situation, an attempt will be made to make up for it on the 5th day. Because in England, when the weather is clear, it gets dark late and floodlights can also be used in this match.

Yes, if more than 10 overs have been bowled less in the five-day game or in any case more overs have been cut, then the match can be played on the reserve day. Otherwise the match will be finished in 5 days only.

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