WWE’s 5 Most Dangerous Actions, These Superstars Have The Best Moves, Is Your Favorite Wrestler Not In The List?

Dangerous Moves of WWE: Although all the wrestlers in WWE have their own dangerous actions, but today we are going to tell you about 5 such top moves of WWE which are very dangerous and most of the wrestlers lose after being given. Let’s agree. This includes moves like pile driver, the spear, shooting star press, punt kick.


Pile Driver is the most dangerous action of wwe. It is used by many superstars including the Undertaker. In this move, the Undertaker reverses the other wrestler and presses him between his legs and quickly hits his head downwards. This causes severe head injury. There is also a possibility of breaking the neck due to this. (WWE)


Shooting star press is used by many wrestlers. Brock Lesnar has defeated other wrestlers many times on the basis of this move. Wrestlers like Mark Andrews, Cat Kidman also use it. Actually, in this move, the wrestler climbs on the rope and jumps on the fallen wrestler. Due to the heavy weight on the body, many wrestlers are ready to give up. WWE


The Spear trend has picked up pace in the last few years. Veteran superstars like Roman Range, Goldberg use it a lot. In this move, a wrestler runs into the stomach of another wrestler and hits him with his shoulder. This means that the entire weight of the body falls on the stomach of the opponent wrestler. Due to which he gets ready to give up. WWE


Punt kick was first introduced in 1985. But after a few days its trend ended. Wwe Superstar Randy Orton brought it back and started using this move. He gave this move to Mick Foley for the first time. Actually, it happens that when the beaten wrestler is getting up, then the opposing superstar gives a strong kick on his head with the help of his feet. After this move, the condition of most of the wrestlers gets battered.


Pedigree is mostly seen giving to Triple H. Apart from this, sometimes Seth Rollins also uses it. Actually, in this move, the wrestler is pressed between the legs and hit downwards. While giving this move, the wrestler’s face is down, due to which his face gets hurt very fast. Due to injury in the nose, the lights of the wrestlers go off. wwe

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