Xiaomi Mijia Full Effect Air Purifier Launch Set For March 21 7 Layer Filters Aldehyde Decomposing Technology Details

Xiaomi is all set to launch its latest flagship air purifier, the Mijia Full-Effect Air Purifier, on Tuesday, March 21. As per the company’s claim, the upcoming air purifier comes with advanced technology, which purifies the air in a better way. Its design is different than the previous model. The upcoming Xiaomi air purifier is equipped with five sensors and an EBM DC fan that delivers air volume at 12500 liters per minute.

Xiaomi via its Weibo account Information It is said that its flagship Mijia Full-Effect Air Purifier will be launched in China tomorrow, March 21. The company has been teasing this air purifier for some time now and has also unveiled some of its special features. The upcoming air-purifier will be equipped with a 7-layer purification system, which includes a primary filter, durable filter, high-energy field, carbon array, aldehyde filter, UV module, and self-cleaning filter.

Gizmochina’s According, The air purifier can purify a space of 90 square meters in just 17 minutes and has a virus removal rate of 99.99% and a formaldehyde removal rate of 99.05%. The full-effect air purifier is equipped with Ultra 5 sensors and an EBM DC fan, which delivers 12500 liters per minute of air volume. It has a 7-layer purification system.

The report says that Xiaomi has claimed that the new Mijia Full-Effect Air Purifier includes aldehyde-decomposing technology, which can completely decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide. It also uses American Kimberly filter paper, which has a high dust-holding capacity.

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