Xiaomi Roufeng Air Conditioner With Air Softener Electricity Efficiency Features Launched Price 2699 Yuan Specifications Details

Xiaomi has recently launched its new air conditioner, which is named Roufeng Air Conditioner. The company recently launched the MIJIA Air Conditioner Cool Edition in China, which is equipped with 1hp capacity and claims to completely cool a room in 30 seconds. The new Roufeng air conditioner comes with 14 sweeping blades and 602 circular micro-holes, which help soften the air flow, preventing direct cold air from hitting the body.

Xiaomi launches Roufeng Air Conditioner in China launched which is currently available through crowdfunding. the company crowdfunding During the sale, its price has been kept at 2,299 yuan (about Rs. 27,500), but its retail price has been kept at 2,699 yuan (about Rs. 32,000).

Talking about the features, the company has claimed about the Xiaomi Roufeng air conditioner that it can save a lot of electricity per year. Incorporating a full DC frequency compressor and newly designed air channel, the air conditioner can comfortably cool rooms of 16-20 square meters.

This air conditioner has 14 sweeping blades and 602 circular micro-holes, which makes the air soft. The company says that it does not blow cold air directly on the body, which is a good thing for small children and the elderly, as the chance of getting cold increases when there is a sudden cold wind.

The Roofeng air conditioner also features a large 106mm super diameter cross-flow fan, which can reach a circulating air volume of up to 680m3/h. In this, the air comes out up, down and all around. The air conditioner can control both temperature and humidity simultaneously. It also gets a self-cleaning feature in both indoor and outdoor units, making maintenance easy.

Xiaomi Air Conditioner It also gets a small LED digital display with a built-in light-sensitive sensor, which shows users important details. The air conditioner also supports Xiaomi smart home interconnection, through which users can turn it on/off/operate remotely. It also supports voice control via Xiao AI.

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