Yash Dayal, who hit 5 sixes in IPL, told the story of dressing room that night

Amit Singh, Prayagraj: “I was very upset. After the match was over, all the players had reached the dressing room. I thought there would be some lesson and advice today. But despite losing the match, no one said a word to me. Not only this, there was no discussion on the incident of 5 sixes. It seemed as if nothing had happened… This is to say of Indian cricketer and bowler of Gujarat Titans team in IPL, Yash Dayal. In the past, he had come to his ancestral home Prayagraj. Where he spoke openly to News 18 Local.

Let us tell you that in IPL 2023, there was a match between KKR and Gujarat Titans, in which Yash Dayal hit 5 sixes in one over. The special thing is that Rinku Singh and Yash Dayal, who hit sixes, are very close friends.

learned two big lessons
Yash Dayal further told that I have learned two things from that incident. Firstly, I am not the first bowler with whom this incident happened. The second thing is that whenever you get on the ground, you do not have any friend or very special person. We should accept the game as the opposing team.

Message given to young cricketers
He further told that there are many possibilities of cricket in Prayagraj, all that is needed is good resources and frequent cricket matches. Giving a message to the young player, he said that we do not get any target easily. For that we need to persevere. There are ups and downs in life. Accepting this, stick to your goal.

Started playing cricket from 3 years
Indian cricketer Yash Dayal started playing cricket from the age of 3. His father played an important role in this journey. In the year 2017-18, he played his first professional match. He further told that now his focus will be on the upcoming matches of India. He is also preparing for this. He is ready to play for whatever trophy he is selected for.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 14, 2023, 10:07 IST

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