Yashasvi Jaiswal Dream Debut: The work which Gavaskar-Virat could not do…the 21-year-old batsman did it, may he be successful in world cricket now:


Yashasvi Jaiswal created history by scoring 171 runs in debut Test itself.

New Delhi. India defeated West Indies within 3 threes in the first match of the 2 test series. Hardly anyone would have been surprised about this victory. Because even before the start of this series, Team India was being considered as favourite. But one thing surprised everyone. That was Yashasvi Jaiswal’s batting. No one doubted Yashasvi’s talent. Because this 21-year-old batsman had scored runs in first-class cricket at an average of 80 and proved his talent in IPL 2023 as well, but hardly anyone would have thought that he would play such a big innings on Test debut.

This happened for the first time in Indian Test history, when a batsman scored a century on Test debut in the West Indies. The work which Sunil Gavaskar and Virat Kohli could not do, 21 year old Yashasvi Jaiswal did it. With this one of his innings, he showed that he is a long race horse and now he will be successful in world cricket.

It is not that before him no Indian had scored a century in the debut test. 16 players had done this feat before him, then why Yashasvi is being considered as a long race horse. What is the quality in his batting that made him different from others. Why is he being considered as the future star of Indian cricket after only one innings? Let us tell you their features one by one.

Yashasvi has played big innings at number 3 in domestic cricket
Yashasvi Jaiswal’s debut in international cricket was challenging. In domestic cricket, he has played big innings while batting at number three. But in the debut test itself, he was entrusted with the responsibility of opening. It is not easy for any player to open on debut. But, Yashasvi took up this responsibility very well and played cautiously in the beginning and hit every weak ball as soon as his eyes got frozen. His tall stature and footwork also have a big hand in this.

Yashasvi Jaiswal, instead of hitting the ball, lets it reach him and plays the shot at the last minute. For this reason, many times he sends the ball lying on the good length across the boundary. He did this several times in his debut Test innings. He also plays the short ball well.

Yashasvi is not afraid of team and bowler
Making a debut at the age of 21 is not a new thing. Many players have done this but the big thing is fearless batting. It doesn’t matter which bowler is in front of a batsman, then he has the qualities to become a big player and Yashasvi has the same. He played shots against every West Indies bowler after freezing his eyes. How confident he is in himself can be gauged from the fact that he also hit a reverse sweep.

Usually any batsman avoids such shots in Tests, but Yashasvi, playing the first Test, is so sure of his batting that he played reverse sweep without any hesitation. Even in IPL, he did fearless batting like this. Yashasvi is able to do this because he tries to play a shot 200 to 300 times in a practice session to make sure and this hard work is working for him in the real exam.

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Batting by sensing the format and pitch
Yashasvi Jaiswal may be 21 years old but his understanding of the game is deep. He knows in which format to bat with which thinking. In IPL 2023, while opening for Rajasthan Royals, he scored 26 runs in the very first over in a match. He hit 2 sixes and 3 fours. But in the Dominica Test against the West Indies, Yashasvi did not bat with this thought. He opened the account on the 16th ball and completed the first 50 runs in 104 balls and the century was hit in 220 balls.

At the age of 21, if a batsman has such a deep understanding of the game, he knows how to change his game according to the need, then who can stop him from shining in world cricket.

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