Yashasvi Jaiswal Dream Debut: Yashasvi Jaiswal did not celebrate Diwali with family for 10 years, whenever it broke, one thing of father filled his heart


Yashasvi Jaiswal scored 171 runs in his debut Test
Left home in 10 years to fulfill the dream of becoming a cricketer

New Delhi. At the age of 10, if the parents are separated from a child even for some time, then he becomes restless. But at this age, he left home to fulfill his dream of becoming a cricketer and came to Mayanagari i.e. Mumbai. The story is not that simple. Not for a day or two, he spent many years in the tent. Sometimes the rain caused sleepless nights, sometimes the heat took away peace and peace, but even then the spirits never broke. Sitting in his tent, with the lights of the stadium burning far away, he kept raising his hopes of becoming a cricketer.

Climbing the stairs of success on the basis of this stubbornness and passion, he reached Team India and at the age of 21, in his first match, he did such a feat, which big giants could not do. Now you must have understood whose story it is. The feat done by 21-year-old Yashasvi Jaiswal in the first innings of international cricket is enough to tell why there was so much discussion about this player. With this innings, Yashasvi proved that he is the future of Indian cricket.

Yashasvi did not celebrate Diwali with family for 10 years
Yashasvi Jaiswal may not have been able to score a double century in the debut test, but his innings of 171 runs is also a proof that he is a big stage player. Today, even though his name is being discussed everywhere and he is being considered as a future star, but to reach this point, this player sacrificed his childhood in a way. At the age when the child gets his parents to fulfill his every insistence, at the same age Yashasvi left home to fulfill his father’s insistence and his dream. Not only this, Yashasvi did not even celebrate the festival of lights i.e. Diwali with his family for 10 years to brighten up his life. There is no need to say much on what Diwali means to a 10-year-old child.

Every child waits for Diwali throughout the year. One tries to reach home on Diwali wherever he is but despite being 10 years old…Yashasvi could not celebrate Diwali with his family to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful cricketer. Many times he expressed his feelings regarding this. Years ago, Yashasvi Jaiswal shared a long post on Instagram about this, in which he also mentioned not being able to celebrate Diwali with the family.

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Became a cricketer to fulfill father’s dream
In this message, he mentioned the sacrifice, sacrifice and love of the parents. Yashasvi wrote, “I am trying to reach where I want to go. Your words inspire me not to give up every moment and your saying that don’t worry you can do this fills me with new enthusiasm. I want to thank you that you showed me this dream of playing cricket. It was your (father’s) dream, to fulfill which I started playing.

It is the result of this struggle, sacrifice and penance that today the world is saying success to this 21 year old batter:

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