You will have to spend ₹ 660 every month for Blue Tick on Twitter, you will get these 4 new features!

Elon Musk dissolved the board as soon as the Twitter deal was completed. Elon Musk is now the only person on Twitter’s board. That is, the complete control is now in the hands of Elon Musk. In such a situation, the world’s richest man has also started making new changes on the microblogging site. One of these decisions has been taken by Musk for Blue Tick. People will no longer get the blue tick found on verified profiles for free. Musk is about to charge fees for this.

Elon Musk informed from his Twitter handle late on Tuesday that a subscription charge would be taken for Blue Tick. Musk has talked about a subscription charge of $ 8 (about Rs 661) in his tweet. At the same time, earlier in many reports it has been said that Musk can charge up to $ 20 (about Rs. 1600) for this.

Musk is saying that he cannot rely only on advertisements for revenue. However, the point of charging $8 may not be applicable in India, as such subscriptions are much cheaper in India than in the US. In such a situation, the charge for Twitter’s blue tick in India is likely to be less than in the US. It has not yet been decided how much users will have to pay for Blue Tick in India. At the same time, there was a flood of mimes on Musk’s Twitter for the subscription charge for Blue Tick. Strange reactions came from the users. Someone wrote, ‘The matter is being handled in the entire Palika Bazar style.’

One user wrote, ‘Brother Sarojini gets it for $2, put it in the right way.’
At the same time, a user wrote, ‘Na tera na mera, chal itne par fix karte hain’.

These new features will be available in Blue Tick subscription

Blue Tick profile users will be given priority in tweet replies, mentions and searches. This will prevent spam etc.
Users with blue ticks will be able to post longer videos and audios.
According to Elon Musk, Blue Tick users can read paid articles for free if the publisher enters into a contract with the company.

Ever since Elon Musk talked about the subscription charge for Blue Tick, opposition started for it. American writer Stephen King had even censured him for this. After that, while replying to his tweet, Musk wrote that the charge of Blue Tick will not be $ 20. How about $8?

The talk started with a user’s tweet in which he asked Musk that he has a large number of followers, yet the blue tick is not found. Musk talked about the subscription charge here. Then it came to light that a charge of $ 20 would be taken for the blue tick, which was opposed worldwide on social media. Stephen King wrote that if this happens, I will leave this platform. After that Musk announced that the subscription charge would not be $20 but $8.

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