You will remember Kohli and Nehra ji… New pair of Virat and Nehra in Ranji team of Delhi


The world knows about the pair of Virat Kohli and Ashish Nehra
Both played for the Delhi Ranji team and then were also seen playing for India.

New Delhi. The shining star of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, who spread his shine all over the world. Be it ODI, Test or T20 in World Cup cricket, the talent of this stalwart who scattered in all the three formats was seen at a very young age. Today, the youth who consider Virat as their inspiration or follow him as a senior, if they ever get a chance to play with him, it would be a big deal. Something similar happened with Virat for many years and now after so many years something similar is happening again.

Delhi has given many super star players in world cup cricket. Virat’s name has also been included in the list of those bigwigs. What is happening in Delhi Ranji cricket at the moment was what happened decades ago. Almost everyone knows the story of Virat Kohli and Ashish Nehra. How he was rewarded by Nehra ji for his excellent batting in school cricket. Then Nehra had become India’s star bowler and Virat was spreading his fire in school cricket.

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Ashish Nehra presenting the award to Virat – Mohandas Menon twitter page

Nehra ji played for Delhi under Virat’s captaincy

It was the result of Virat’s dedication and hard work that he got a chance to play with the star from whose hands he had once taken the prize. By the way, Kohli not only played with Nehra ji in the Delhi team but also captained it. In the 2013 Challengers Trophy, Kohli was the captain and Nehra was the bowling chief of the team. Both of them played together for some time in the Delhi Ranji team as well.

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Ishant Sharma and Yash Dhull -AFP

Delhi’s new pair of Virat and Nehra ji

You must have heard that coincidences keep happening. So once again the coincidence of Nehra and Virat is being seen with the Delhi team. We explain what is this matter. There is a difference of 10 years between Virat and Nehra. When one played international, the other was playing school cricket. Now something similar seems to be happening with Yash Dhul and Ishant Sharma. There is a difference of 14 years between these two. Virat captained the team in the Under-19 World Cup and made the team champion. Yash also put the title of Under 19 World Cup in India’s bag.

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