YouTube removed more than 1.7 million videos in India, due to violation of guidelines

Video sharing site YouTube has removed over 1.7 million videos in India during the July-September quarter for violating the company’s community guidelines. During this period, the company has removed more than 56 lakh videos at the global level due to violation of guidelines.

youtube community guidelines for the third quarter Report reported, “36 percent of machine-held videos were removed before receiving a single view, and 31 percent after receiving 1 to 10 views.” Apart from this, more than 73.7 crore comments related to the violation of the guidelines have been removed. YouTube’s data shows that about 99 percent of comments were removed after warnings from the platform’s automated systems, and the rest after users raised objections. YouTube is owned by Alphabet.

The company recently told that it is bringing features related to shopping on its short video service. Due to the decrease in advertisements due to the slowdown, YouTube is looking for other ways to increase revenue. This feature is being tested with select creators in the US. With this, these creators will be able to tag products from their stores. The company says, “Viewers in India, the US, Brazil and Australia can see and interact with the tags. This feature will be made available in other countries as well.”

Recently, YouTube has started a new way of giving more money from YouTube Shorts to benefit the creators. Its purpose is to compete with TikTok. company Had told that it will start advertising on Shorts video feature and will give 45 percent of the revenue to video creators. About 55 percent of ad revenue is distributed over other YouTube videos. TikTok has a fund of about one billion dollars for creators. YouTube has been facing tough competition from TikTok for the last few years. This app has about one billion monthly users. About two years ago, YouTube started the Shorts feature with videos up to one minute in competition with Tiktok. It has more than 1.5 billion monthly users.

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